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Nov 14, 2014-UK-With these years development for the water tap industry, China has already become the world's largest exporter of water taps such as Bathroom Sink Taps and Kitchen Taps. With the continuous expansion of foreign exchanges, many foreign advanced technologies are constantly introduced into the China. The development of this industry in China will learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries such as America and UK. The production of taps such as Waterfall Taps will move toward the new structure, function diverse and unique. At the same time, the producing for the water taps will be focus on human health. - BATHROOM SINK TAPS

From the former research, the low lead would be the development trends for the water taps such as Kitchen Taps. Nowadays, the water supply is generally used the chlorine disinfection. After the dissolving of the chlorine in water, the water would be acidic. Thus, this kind of water would release the lead and other heavy metal of the steel pipe. The study from European and American countries has shown that the lead free materials of water tap and pipe would be the measurement to solve the lead precipitates.

In order to achieve this goal, the California of USA had already drafted the bill of Bathroom Sink Taps law which name is AB1953. The AB1953 has ruled that the weighted average of the containing of lead into the water tap and water line should be less than 0.25%. This kind of changing has never seen before. The best manufacturer for water taps which website is has said that this kind of changing would become huger in the near future because the seeking of r health is the unchangeable trend in people daily life.

However, the drawing up for the safety standards of the China taps industry has already applied the NSF61 standard which name is the Drinking Water System Components health effects which had been made by the America National Sanitation Foundation. In this new standard, the volume of lead precipitation has been limited of 11ug per L. However, this standard has been implemented at United States in 1988. Now, all of developed countries are all adopted the standard of non-lead. Most of manufacturers for water taps such as LED Taps have said that China is expected to perform lead-free standard in the next 20 years.

However, the clean water resource should be the most Wall Mounted Taps important factors for people?��s health. If people want to purchase the high quality water taps such as Kitchen Taps and LED Taps, they could contact with the best water tap manufacture which website is

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